My Morning Jacket Are The New Radiohead

Six MP3s from yesterday’s My Morning Jacket performance at KCRW are up on My Old Kentucky Blog.

In the new Rolling Stone, there’s a good feature in which Associate Editor Brian Hiatt (my college newspaper editor) struggles to get the Kentucky space rockers to do a proper sit-down. Good journalist that he is, Brian ultimately gets some eye contact from Jim James and concludes that MMJ are America’s answer to Radiohead (Z is their Kid A). I find this amusing because Brian’s response to the first piece I ever submitted to him was, “Um … are you really comparing Shannon Hoon to John Lennon?” (I’ve since realized the error of my ways. Though Blind Melon is way underrated.)

Z threw me for a loop and is a likely candidate for Stereogum’s Top 10 of ’05. Plus, MMJ probably had the best stage show at Bonnaroo. Check out the puppety oddballs:

But is Jim James America’s answer to Thom Yorke? Or is that Jeff Tweedy?

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