Watch Chvrches Play “Forever” Together Over Videoconference

Chvrches released their last album, Love Is Dead, nearly two years ago. But “Forever,” one of its songs, has just became a viral hit after a prominent sync in Netflix’s fun, horny Spanish murder teen show Élite.

Variety reports that when the show’s third season, which features the song in a climactic scene in several episodes, debuted on Netflix last month, single-week streams of “Forever” suddenly broke a million and cracked the Spotify Viral charts in multiple Spanish-speaking countries.

“We were just sitting in our houses, doing nothing,” says frontwoman Lauren Mayberry. “And then we got an email from our manager where he was like, ‘What the fuck?’ and sent us streaming statistics. And then I noticed it’s been played on a lot of radio stations in Mexico and Latin America. So yeah, it was not something we ever expected.”

Now, to capitalize on the song’s success, Chvrches have shared a new “Separate But Together Version” of “Forever,” in which the band perform the song together on videoconference while quarantined separately in their own individual homes. Watch and listen below.

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