CNN Reports On Gwar’s Quarantine Situation

We’re living through quite an unprecedented time, and it’s the sort of experience where we rely more than ever on solid reporting and crucial information. We need our news organizations to keep us updated on all the latest data, and all the safest precautions we can take as the pandemic goes on. And now, CNN is here with the coronavirus report we’ve all been waiting for.

Now, thanks to CNN, we finally know how GWAR are faring during quarantine. Rick Damigella spoke with GWAR guitarist Pustulus Maximus — remotely, of course, with Pustulus video-calling in from his surprisingly leafy but very social-distanced hideaway in Antarctica. The typical CNN viewer might’ve needed some introduction, which the video provides, with Pustulus adding, “We are from space, obviously.” Apparently answering a question about how the other GWAR members are spending their time in isolation, Pustulus said: “I don’t care. Oh, you care. Well, I mean, they’re doing stuff I guess. Working on music. I’m not going to learn any of it.” Other members chimed in to explain you need to take the pandemic seriously and stay healthy, so that you can go die at a GWAR show instead.

I … have so many questions. How did somebody pitch this at CNN? Who approved it? Is it just total chaos over there amidst all the constant coronavirus news and somehow, Rick Damigella snuck this in without anyone noticing? I mean, there’s a lot of upside-down-reality type shit going on right now, but: We are just a mere handful of weeks into quarantine and this is already happening. People are losing their damn minds and GWAR is on CNN. I guess if we need to look for silver linings during this time, this is the exact kind of bizarre scenario that would’ve seemed impossible just last month. (Those scenarios seem to happen daily, but at least this one is fun.) Check it out below.

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