The Offspring Covered “Here Kitty Kitty” From Tiger King

The Offspring Covered “Here Kitty Kitty” From Tiger King

Like a lot of people, the members of California pop-punk veterans watched Netflix’s Tiger King documentary series while quarantined. Unlike most people, the Offspring have decided to cover one of the songs from the show.

One subplot in the series is main character Joe Exotic’s attempts to launch a career in country music, Milli Vanilli style, lip-synching songs written and recorded by the Clinton Johnson Band and passing them off as his own. The Offspring have now recorded one of those songs, “Here Kitty Kitty,” complete with a music video. Rather than performing together remotely, they’re all together in a room, with Dexter Holland and Noodles in protective masks and a drummer (presumably Pete Parada but who knows) in a mascot-sized tiger costume.

On Twitter, the band writes, “We are going a little stir crazy these days & wanted to do something fun to put a smile on our faces & hopefully on some of yours too. Here Kitty Kitty was originally by the Clinton Johnson band & *not* by anyone in that recent doc we all got caught up in.” Watch their “Here Kitty Kitty” cover below.

Dexter Holland and Noodles: Now more than ever, gotta keep ‘em separated!

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