Stream Ada Rook’s New Album 2​,​020 Knives

Stream Ada Rook’s New Album 2​,​020 Knives

Ada Rook, one-half of Black Dresses — who recently disbanded — has released a new solo album, 2,020 Knives. It’s a sprawling 18 track collection of tender and strobing synth-pop songs. There’s a collaboration with Katie Dey, “broken wires,” and songs that were written with the production crew The Oracle.

2,020 Knives is available to pay-what-you-want over on Bandcamp right now, with proceeds will go toward “various bail funds,” and Rook is encouraging direct donations to said bail funds, with a list provided here. She writes:

BUT the bottom line is i urge you to PLEASE give to bail funds directly instead of paying me for this album. i don’t need money right now so please give to people who do.

my hope is that people who’d planned to buy this album will put their money somewhere that can actually make a difference right now, and maybe the album itself can help with a little bit of catharsis or relaxation for someone who needs it. that would be the ideal outcome for me, so please take this album for free and do not feel guilty.

You can stream the album below.

2,020 Knives is out now.

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