Stream Sunami’s Self-Titled Debut EP

Right now, a whole lot of people hate cops. But I don’t know how many people hate cops as much as the San Jose band Sunami. Last year, Sunami, whose ranks include members of bands like Gulch and Hands Of God, released a Bandcamp demo that immediately made them a favorite among those of us who love ignorant hammerhead hardcore. Regarding Sunami and police, consider the demo track “Contempt Of Cop“: “From the blood on my hands to the blue on your shirt/ Come at us sideways finna put you in the dirt.” Or consider the cover art of Sunami’s proper debut EP, which just dropped today.

Sunami unveiled that cover art before Minneapolis police murdered George Floyd, before a whole wave of protests and police violence rocked the nation. That’s just where they’re at. There’s no activism on the band’s total scullcrusher EP. It’s just four songs of juddering riffs and threats to beat you up. It’s so fucking good.

The band just started, but right now, Sunami are one of our finest sources of all-out hooligan hardcore. The EP is just total chest-puffed-out brawl music. It’s primal and heavy and ridiculous. I love it. Not everybody who reads this website is going to be able to get on Sunami’s wavelength, but if you feel like smashing cinderblocks to dust with your forehead, this band is for you. Listen below.

Sunami is out now on Creator-Destructor Records/Dead Sky Recordings.