John Legend Explains What Exactly Is Meant By “Defund The Police”

As protests continue throughout the country, there has been a growing call to defund the police. It’s not a new idea. There’s a lot of literature on the subject — one such book, Alex S. Vitale’s The End Of Policing, is being offered as a free download right now and Vitale has been interviewed many times over the last few days to lay out some of the points that are made in his book, for outlets like Mother Jones and NPR.

But a more public discussion around the idea is pretty new, and that includes from celebrities like John Legend, who has dedicated a thread on Twitter to explain what exactly is meant by Defund The Police. “Police funding takes up a huge portion of our local budgets. Budgets are moral documents which spell out in black and white what our priorities are,” he wrote. “We have finite amounts of money to spend and right now we spend far too much on policing.”

Read the full thread below.

Yesterday, the Minneapolis City Council pledged to dismantle its police force, and other cities are being called upon to look at the disproportionate amount of money that is spent on police department compared to public services.

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