Ice Cube Accused Of Tweeting Anti-Semitic Memes And Russian Propaganda

“Fuck Tha Police” has once again become an urgent rallying cry over the past couple of weeks. Streams of N.W.A.’s 1988 anti-cop anthem have surged nearly 300% across all platforms. So what is Ice Cube doing right now? Um, tweeting anti-Semitic memes and Russian propaganda, apparently.

Over the past few days, the rapper has been tweeting a fairly constant stream of memes and images against racism and police brutality. So far, so good. But then came a mural with anti-Semitic caricatures, a meme about ancient Egyptian statues made by the fake Russian propaganda page Black Matters, an image of an occult symbol inside the Star Of David, and support for the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon.

Sure, this might all be accidental. Cube definitely doesn’t seem to know what QAnon is. But still, not a great look and definitely not what we need from one of rap’s foremost political voices right now. When informed of the mural’s anti-Semitic connotations, Cube tweeted that “I get along with every race on the earth.”

In response to the backlash to his tweets, Ice Cube clarified that he had not been hacked.

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