Bruce Hornsby – “My Resolve” (Feat. James Mercer)

Bruce Hornsby – “My Resolve” (Feat. James Mercer)

Bruce Hornsby just released a new album, Absolute Zero, last year, and he’s already back and ready with another one. Non-Secure Connection will be out in August and it features production contributions from his now-frequent collaborators Justin Vernon and Brad Cook and there’s guest spots from Jamila Woods, Leon Russell, Vernon Reid, Rob Moose, and yMusic’s Hideaki Aomori.

Today, Hornsby is sharing the album’s lead single, “My Resolve,” a gleaming and cinematic song that features vocals from the Shins’ James Mercer. “With my resolve I move the rock/ Or maybe fall down trying,” goes the chorus. “My ineptitude stares me down/ In its face I cower.” Hornsby described it in a press release as “a Sisyphean tale of the creative life, sung with a fellow climber.”

Last year, we talked to Bruce Hornsby about his long and storied career for our We’ve Got A File On You interview series.

Listen to “My Resolve” below.

01 “Cleopatra Drones”
02 “Time, The Thief”
03 “Non-Secure Connection”
04 “The Rat King” (Feat. Rob Moose)
05 “My Resolve” (Feat. James Mercer)
06 “Bright Star Cast” (Feat. Jamila Woods & Vernon Reid)
07 “Shit’s Crazy Out Here”
08 “Anything Can Happen” (Feat. Leon Russell)
09 “Porn Hour”
10 “No Limits”

Non-Secure Connection is out 8/14. Pre-order it here.

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