Barely Civil – “Bottom Of The Lake” & “North Newhall”

Barely Civil – “Bottom Of The Lake” & “North Newhall”

A couple years ago, the Wisconsin band Barely Civil released their very tight debut album, We Can Live Here Forever. They just announced its follow-up, I’ll Figure This Out, which is due out in September and was produced by emo whisperer Chris Teti. “It’s a record about making a decision to leave behind the parts of you that no longer match who you want to be, and move towards growth and a better future,” the band wrote in a statement over on their Twitter.

They’re kicking the rollout off with not one but two singles. “Bottom Of The Lake” is the more immediately fiery of the two, as bandleader Connor Erickson spills out words on a progressively larger and larger canvas: “Sorry for the loss you felt, sorry for the mess as well/ Pity for the misguided, all of this was misguided.” The second, “North Newhall,” is more simmering but it builds up to the same kind of heights by the end, culminating in a glittery and explosive conclusion. Both songs show a lot of control, and you can hear them below.

01 “…For Now”
02 “Bottom Of The Lake”
03 “Graves Avenue”
04 “North Newhall”
05 “Hollow Structures”
06 “Box For My Organs”
07 “Fairmount”
08 “The Worst Part Of December”
09 “I Woke Up Laughing”
10 “…Forever”

I’ll Figure This Out is out 9/4 via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order it here.

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