Stream UK Hardcore Band Glorious’ Absolutely Kickass Debut EP Unashamed

There’s this feeling that we all get sometimes, when we first hear new records from bands that we didn’t even know about, records that suddenly mash all our pleasure centers and give us exactly what we didn’t even know we wanted. It’s the best feeling. It’s a total dizzy serotonin flood. It’s that sense of Oh. Yeah. This! I love that feeling so much. I’m getting it right now from the UK hardcore band Glorious.

Glorious are based in London, and the band is a side project of Employed To Serve and Renounced, two of the UK’s better metalcore bands. With Glorious, they’ve traded out metalcore for something a lot more straightforward. Unashamed, Glorious’ debut EP, is fast, bouncy, extremely catchy old-school hardcore. It’s got riffs and chants and hooks and chest-thumping swagger. Singer Justine Jones almost never growls, but she still sounds like she will beat the shit out of you: “You’re a fake! You’re a fake! You’re a fucking fake!”

Unashamed ends with a punkified cover of the 2003 Type O Negative song “I Don’t Wanna Be Me,” and it just utterly destroys. I love this EP. Stream it below.

The Unashamed EP is out now on Church Road Records. You can get it at Bandcamp.