Brothertiger – “Livin'”

Brothertiger – “Livin'”

It’s oppressively hot outside, so how about some chillwave? In the throes of this pandemic-crippled deadbeat summer, the lead single from Brothertiger’s upcoming LP does indeed hit the spot.

Brooklyn-based John Jagos, who once studied at my alma mater, has a vast catalog to his name, including last month’s Fundamentals, Vol. 1, a “collection of instrumentals improvised through livestreaming.” A few years back he released an album of Tears For Fears covers, which jibed well with his dreamy synth-powered approach, and last year he dropped the A Chain Of Islands EP. But Paradise Lost, out in September, will be his first original full-length release since 2015’s Out Of Touch.

“Livin'” is the first song we’re hearing from Paradise Lost. The track piles layers of keyboards atop crisp drum programming as a whole battalion of Brothertigers informs us, “I’m livin’ my own life.” As Jagos explains, the subject matter is very much in keeping with this subgenre’s ethos: “There’s always underlying pressure to be achieving certain life goals at certain ages. The song is about doing your own thing and not worrying about how other people think you’re living your life.”

He can consider “Livin'” time well spent. Watch director Trevor Naud’s video for the song below, and check out our chillwave essentials playlist to keep the vibe going.


01 “Found”
02 “Mainsail”
03 “Shelter Cove”
04 “Livin'”
05 “Cannonball”
06 “My Canopy”
07 “Swing”
08 “Checking Out”
09 “Pyre”
10 “Paradise Lost”

Paradise Lost is out 9/11 on Satanic Panic.

CREDIT: Alec Castillo

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