Mint Field – “Contingencia”

Mint Field – “Contingencia”

Formed in Tijuana and currently based in Mexico City, Mint Field specialize in sweltering, languorous psychedelic rock. Led by singer-guitarist named Estrella del Sol (which translates to Star of the Sun), they make hallucinatory mood music for oppressive heat, a soundtrack for days when a bleary melancholy spreads out over everything and even sundown doesn’t offer a respite from the sweaty humidity. In other words, they are a perfect band for one of the hottest and most depressing summers in recent memory, one where hallmarks of seasonal fun have become dangers to public health.

Sentimiento Mundial, Mint Field’s latest LP, isn’t coming until the end of September, but you can indulge yourself in its latest single “Contingencia” now. A classic indie-rock guitar onslaught carried along by anxious percussive bass and lockstep drums, it ought to appeal to fans of Sonic Youth, Deerhunter, and Heron Oblivion. In Spanish, del Sol sings, “You can’t live/ Blind to what you can see/ You can’t go on fooling yourself/ You that see behind/ Remember that the light/ Is in front of you.”

Del Sol offered this statement to Beats Per Minute:

“Contingencia” is one of the most energetic tracks from our upcoming album. A track about those times when we feel like we don’t have any other choice or way of doing things, and that sometimes we need to see the light that is in front of us. I really love this part that said “No puedes vivir ciega de lo que puedes ver” (“You can’t live blind to what you can see”).

Listen below, where you’ll also find the video for the previously released “Natural.”


01 “Cuida tus pasos”
02 “Natural”
03 “Delicadeza”
04 “Contingencia”
05 “Aterrizar”
06 “Le hable a la ola del mar”
07 “Sentimiento mundial”
08 “Nuestro sentido”
09 “Nadie te esta persiguiendo”
10 “No te caigas”
11 “Presente”

Sentimiento Mundial is out 9/25 on Felte. Pre-order it here.

Mint Field
CREDIT: Miranda Rosales

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