Stream SpiritWorld’s Apocalyptic Debut Album Pagan Rhythms

Stream SpiritWorld’s Apocalyptic Debut Album Pagan Rhythms

This is a very, very good day for heavy music. We’ve already posted the ass-stomping new albums from Sharptooth and Skeleton, and now the Las Vegas outfit SpiritWorld have come out with their full-length debut Pagan Rhythms, a blistering piece of pure evil.

SpiritWorld is really just one person, the Vegas doomsayer Stu Folsom, though other musicians, like the former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, also play on Pagan Rhythms. SpiritWorld is more of a hardcore band than anything else, though it’s not totally clear what genre it would belong to. Satanic hardcore? Is that something that exists? Because Pagan Rhythms is literally a whole album about Satan returning to earth and wiping out the plague of humankind. It rips so hard.

Folsom delivers all of his lyrics in a vast demonic bellow, and the music is a fast pummel that occasionally takes on the grisly grandeur of death metal. There’s also any old-timey country song in there. Pagan Rhythms is one more extremely good reason to bang your head today. Stream it below.

The self-released Pagan Rhythms is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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