Arafura – “Tinggi” & “Alchemy”

Arafura – “Tinggi” & “Alchemy”

On their Bandcamp page, Arafura describe themselves as “anticolonial erratic hardcore made on unceded Gadigal Land (so called Sydney).” They’re true brutalists who used their power against brutality. Arafura play guttural, chaotic frag-grenade hardcore, but that description isn’t really sufficient to talk about what they do. There’s a lot of grindcore in Arafura’s attack, but there’s also a lot of Indonesian gamelan music — an ancestral sound that gives Arafura’s politics even more of a ritualistic power.

Arafura have been around since 2016, and they released a seething, intense self-titled debut album earlier this year. Today, they’ve followed the album up with one hell of a two-song single. “Tinggi” — Malay for “height” — is a wild, unpredictable rager that vocalist A’isyiyah scream-growls with true authority. “Alchemy,” the follow-up, is in English. It sounds apocalyptic, with drums flying in from every angle, but it’s hopeful enough to imagine a world where “every cage is empty.” Check out both songs below.

The “Tinggi” b/w “Alchemy” single is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp. All money from digital scales goes to support the family of Tane Chatfield, a 22-year-old indigenous man who died in Australian police custody in 2017.

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