Rod Wave – “Through The Wire”

Rod Wave – “Through The Wire”

Just in the past nine months or so, the young and profoundly sad Florida sing-rapper Rod Wave has emerged as a major word-of-mouth sensation. Since he’s released the albums Ghetto Gospel and Pray 4 Love, Rod Wave has found huge audiences for his bluesy ruminations. And today, he’s come out with a new song about a near-death experience — exactly the kind of thing that might bring on a bluesy rumination.

Rod Wave got into a bad car wreck last month, and “Through The Wire,” his new single, is all about it. “Through The Wire” doesn’t sample the famous 2003 Kanye West song of the same title, but he does implicitly reference it. West recorded “Through The Wire” while recovering from his own near-fatal car crash, and West raps with the same kind of purpose that West brought to that song.

On “Through The Wire,” Wave raps about how his drug issues nearly led to his death, admitting that he was high when he crashed his car: “Ran the light and hit a pole, a head-on collision/ Went to thinking ’bout my lifestyle that lost my vision.” In the video, we see him leaning up against his own absolutely destroyed car. Check it out below.

“Through The Wire” is out now on the streaming platforms.

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