Long Knife – “Night Of The Hunter” & “Rough Liver”

For the better part of a decade, the Portland punks Long Knife have been making fast, ugly, fantastically nasty hardcore punk songs about being drunk and angry. Today, they’ve come out with a couple of new bangers, their first in a few years.

Long Knife have two albums to their name, 2013’s Wilderness and 2015’s Meditations On Self Destruction. But Long Knife have been quiet for a while, and their new joints “Night Of The Hunter” and “Rough Liver” are their first since they 2017 EP Sewers Of Babylon. If they’re rusty, you can’t tell. These songs rule.

On “Night Of The Hunter” and “Rough Liver,” Long Knife bring a bit of scuzzy garage-rock swagger to their sound — a sound that was already plenty scuzzy. They sound like the type of motherfuckers who light each other’s hair on fire for fun. There are blazing guitar heroics all over the new songs, which fits them beautifully. If Diarrhea Planet hadn’t broken up, and if they’d spent the next 20 years of their lives sleeping on the floors of sketchy bars and breaking into cars to steal spare change from cupholders, they might sound something like Long Knife on these joints. Listen below.

The “Night Of The Hunter” b/w “Rough Liver” 7″ is out now on Beach Impediment Records.

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