James Gandolfini Loved Dookie

James Gandolfini loved the 1994 Green Day album Dookie. How do we know this? Well, Michael Imperioli — his Sopranos co-star — recently posted an old photograph of the two of them on his Instagram. In the comments, he was asked about what kind of music Gandolfini liked. “Green Day,” Imperioli replied. “he would play the vinyl of dookie in his trailer at work. Totally serious,” he followed up. And again: “no joke. He loved Green Day.”

(Thanks to Long Neck leader and New Jersey native Lily Mastrodimos for bringing this gem to our attention.)

Imperioli has quite the music pedigree of his own. He was just interviewed in The Quietus about some of his favorite songs, including Big Thief’s “Not,” and some of his best music stories, which include hanging out with Michael Stipe in Athens. And a couple years ago, Imperioli published a novel with Lou Reed as a central figure — we talked to him about it.