Watch Unearthed Video Of Lou Reed Joining John Mellencamp At A Small Bloomington Club In 1987

On the evening of September 17th, 1987, about 100 people showed up to the Bluebird night club in Bloomington, Indiana to see the local band Ragin’ Texans. Instead, they ended up catching something much bigger: a surprise performance from John Mellencamp, Lou Reed, and John Prine.

The gig was just two days before Farm Aid III in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Mellencamp decided to drop by unannounced for a secret rehearsal show. Lou Reed, who was also playing Farm Aid, joined him midway through. And by the end, John Prine was there too.

Unearthed audiovisual evidence of this iconic jam session has now emerged on YouTube. Unfortunately, Prine wasn’t captured on camera, but below, you can watch Mellencamp and Reed team up on “Walk On The Wild Side,” “Sweet Jane,” “Rock & Roll,” and “I Love You, Suzanne.”