Partner – “Rock Is My Rock”

Lesley Marshall

Partner – “Rock Is My Rock”

Lesley Marshall

Just yesterday, Partner returned with a new song called “Hello And Welcome.” While they’ve released covers and one-offs intermittently in the past couple years, the song — and its charmingly quirky cartoon video — both seemed to signal the beginning of a new era. As it turns out, that’s very much the case: Today, the duo are already back with another new song and official news of their forthcoming sophomore album.

Never Give Up, the successor to Partner’s 2017 debut In Search Of Lost Time, will arrive this November. We already knew the group had been in the studio sometime last year, and here’s what they had to say about how the album came together:

We were practicing for a two person show, the first one we had played in many years. We were at a crossroads as a band, and we had no idea what the future held. All we knew was that we were going to be making music together. We weren’t sure what this music would sound like or who would be playing it with us. And then the songs started to arrive. Some of them fully formed, like the first songs we wrote. It was as much a surprise to us as anyone else when we realized we had the beginnings of our second album.

We talked. We were honest with each other and honest with ourselves. Sometimes it was a lot. And when it got to be almost too much we would repeat to each other, first as a joke and then not as a joke at all, “Never give up.”

Along with the announcement, Partner have shared a track called “Rock Is My Rock.” (Attentive fans may have noticed this title teased in the intro to the “Hello And Welcome” video yesterday.) It finds the band cheekily yet unabashedly proclaiming their love of rock music. “‘Rock is My Rock’ is a song that we wrote to celebrate the joy of rock, and the joy it brings us to see other people feel the joy of rock,” they said in a statement. “We wanted to thank the music for bringing us happiness and keeping us company during difficult times. This song is dedicated to anyone for whom rock is a rock.” Check it out below.


01 “Hello And Welcome”
02 “Rock Is My Rock”
03 “The Pit”
04 “Honey”
05 “Big Gay Hands”
06 “Good Place To Hide (At The Time)”
07 “Roller Coasters (Life Is One)”
08 “Couldn’t Forget”
09 “Here I Am World”
10 “Crocodiles Swimming”

Never Give Up is out 11/20 via You’ve Changed.

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