A. G. Cook – “Oh Yeah”

A. G. Cook – “Oh Yeah”

PC mastermind A. G. Cook just released his first proper solo album, 7G, a collection of 49 tracks split across seven different discs, last week. And now he’s already following that mammoth undertaking up with another album out next month, Apple, and sharing its first single “Oh Yeah.”

“The notion of pure, classic songwriting is one of the core aspects of the album and ‘Oh Yeah’ is maybe my most direct attempt,” Cook explains in a statement. “I was really inspired by Shania Twain and how her clean, slinky vocals tell you as much about the song as her lyrics. The song itself — like most pop music – is really about confidence and escapism, and how bittersweet those things can feel.”

“Oh Yeah” is a surprisingly straightforward pop song, clean acoustic guitar strums and a shuffling beat undergirding Cook’s appealing (and relatively untreated) vocal melodies. The song’s music video just features Cook against a white background, accompanied only by a very cute French bulldog, performing the song directly into the camera. Watch and listen below.

01 “Oh Yeah”
02 “Xxoplex”
03 “Beautiful Superstar”
04 “Animals”
05 “Airhead”
06 “Haunted”
07 “The Darkness”
08 “Jumper”
09 “Stargon”
10 “Lifeline”

Apple is out 9/18 via PC Music. Pre-order it here.

A. G. Cook
CREDIT: Alaska Reid & Julian Buchan

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