The Killers Say They’ll Release Another Album In “About 10 Months”

Olivia Bee

The Killers Say They’ll Release Another Album In “About 10 Months”

Olivia Bee

This past Friday, the Killers made their big return with their big, hammy, deeply satisfying new album Imploding The Mirage. Our own Chris DeVille proclaimed that it’s the best Killers album in more than a decade, and he was not alone in that assessment. So it’s good news that we won’t have to wait long before the next Killers album.

In a new NME feature, Killers leader Brandon Flowers promises that there will be another Killers album out soon — quite possibly within the next year. The band is once again working with the two producers of Imploding The Mirage, Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado and the War On Drugs collaborator Shawn Everett. Here’s what Flowers says about it:

You know when someone makes a record and they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record? Well, we really are! We’re going to release another one in about 10 months. We’ve already gone back into the studio with Rado and Shawn. I’m excited. It might be better than [Imploding The Mirage].

Flowers tells NME that there’s “no thread” between Imploding The Mirage and the new album. He also says that the album will be inspired by his new home in Utah and that he’s been putting the time into new music that he would’ve ordinarily been putting into going on tour:

I’m not writing a quarantine album or anything like that. You kind of just start hitting your stride when you’re finishing a record. You’re writing lyrics, you’re mixing everything, you’re in it — then you go on tour. It’s interesting to not be going on tour and having any of that stuff taking up my brain. I just went right back to the piano. I was already exercising my songwriting muscles so a lot of it came very quickly.

Something powerful happened when I shut off the part of my brain that runs towards the grind and just started running towards the creative part of my brain.

You can read the full NME cover story here.

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