House Of Feelings – “Black And Blue” (Feat. Shamir)

House Of Feelings, Matty Fasano’s collab-happy NYC dance music collective, are back with a new track. Shamir, who previously sang on House Of Feelings’ 2017 single “Falling,” is the featured vocalist on new song “Black And Blue.” And while he’s mostly moved away from dance music since his 2015 debut Ratchet, which featured Fasano on sax, it’s always a pleasure to hear him in that context, even if “Black And Blue” is more of a moody synth-pop ballad than a disco-house banger.

“‘Black and Blue’ was a series of lyrics I had written years prior, maybe it was more of a poem, but it fit with the instrumental like a glove, and I’m glad it’s finally getting a purpose because usually lyrics I write without music or a progression normally gets ignored,” Shamir says. “It’s rare I come back to them. This song is specifically about that ridiculous thing a crush might do, where they treat you like the most important person in the world for a moment, then ignore you the next, and this song is just about the process of disengaging and moving on from that person entirely.” Listen below.