Stream Regrowth’s Great Melodic Hardcore Debut Lungs

Stream Regrowth’s Great Melodic Hardcore Debut Lungs

It’s hard to find a lot of information online about the band Regrowth, something I attribute to three different factors. First, they’re pretty new; they only just released the debut EP This Time I’m No Longer Alone in 2018. Second, they come from the Italian island of Sardinia, a fairly remote place. (As far as I can tell, they’ve never played a live show outside Italy.) Third, they chose a truly, regrettably generic band name, which doesn’t make internet research very easy. But you should pay attention to Regrowth anyway, since they absolutely destroy.

Today, Regrowth released their absolutely crushing debut album Lungs. Regrowth’s sound is a grand, intense form of hardcore — huge, anthemic, emotionally wracked, full of big-gesture hooks. They scream hard, play big riffs, and put busy textures into their sound. There’s nothing especially cool about that sound. Regrowth sometimes echo beloved hardcore elders like American Nightmare and Have Heart, but they also have a bit of a mid-’00s Warped Tour metalcore vibe. Still, that sound can be tremendously moving when done right, and Regrowth do it right.

The songs on Lungs are long and ambitious and sometimes beautiful. They can be heavy, but they always have hooks, too. I’m just hugely impressed. Check out the album below.

Lungs is out now on Goldmine Records/Nothing Left Records/Fresh Outbreak Records/Home Mort/Fast ‘N’ Loud Records, and you can get it now at Bandcamp.

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