PUP released a new single called “Anaphylaxis” back in April, and frontman Stefan Babcock shared a song written in quarantine around the same time. Even more recently, you may have heard the band on our ’00s covers compilation Save Stereogum. And today, the Toronto pop-punk greats are announcing a whole new EP.

This Place Sucks Ass mostly consists of a handful of songs left off of their 2019 album Morbid Stuff, one of the year’s best. According to a press release, they were cut for being “too frenetic or too unhinged,” which is really saying a lot for Morbid Stuff, and for PUP in general.

Along with the announcement, PUP are previewing the EP by sharing one of its tracks. “ROT” happens to be the only one on the collection written and recorded in 2020, after Morbid Stuff. Upon first listen, it sounds very much like a PUP song. That’s a good thing. Listen to it below.

The This Place Sucks Ass EP is out 10/23 on Little Dipper/Rise. Pre-order it here.

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