Wisconsin Contest Offers Secret Meeting With Justin Vernon To Talk About Voting

Justin Vernon really wants you to vote. Today, in honor of National Voter Registration Day, Vernon’s Eaux Claires Festival and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee are partnering to announce a voting initiative called For Wisconsin. And as part of that initiative, they’re holding a series of “A Visit With Vernon” contests. Members of the public can nominate someone close to them who’s on the fence about voting, and the nominee and nominator with the most compelling submission will be selected and brought to a secret meeting with Justin Vernon to talk about voting.

“I try not to judge people,” Vernon says. “The temperature of our society has us divided. We all want different things, so that makes sense in one way, but in another, I feel we are unduly divided. We ALL need to listen more. And the best way we can communicate with each other on this largest scale is VOTE. The campaign I am participating in, For Wisconsin, is a non-partisan drive for voting and a plea to listen. That means ALL of us listening to ALL of us.”

According to a press release, “Justin wants to visit about voting, not to debate, not to preach, just to visit. He might play a tune, or sing a song but mostly he just wants to talk thoughtfully about voting.” The first event will take place in Eau Claire County, and submissions open today. The next location will be announced next on Monday. You can find instructions and more information about the competition on Eaux Claires’ website here.

For Wisconsin is also putting together interviews with a number of prominent Wisconsinites, conducted by Radio Milwaukee’s Tarik Moody, to highlight the importance of voting. The first one, with the Wisconsin Farmers Union’s Bill Hogseth, can be found here.