Sinai Vessel – “Guest In Your Life”

Sinai Vessel – “Guest In Your Life”

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Sinai Vessel, who released their most recent album, Brokenlegged, back in 2017. But today they’re announcing a new full-length, Ground Aswim, which will be out at the end of October.

After expanding to a full-band lineup with their last LP, Sinai Vessel is back to being Tennessee-based musician Caleb Cordes’ solo project, though for his new one he traveled to the Silsbee, TX studio Lazybones Audio — the home base for all things Lomelda — to record with producer Tommy Read and a crew of other musicians.

Ground Aswim’s lead single “Guest In Your Life” is pondering and warm, a reflection of the ways that little twists in life can change your whole direction. “What a strangely different story this become,” Cordes sings. “And so quiet in your hallway when we part ways.”

“‘Guest In Your Life’ was a song written while I was in a romantic partnership and processing that partnership’s hypothetical end,” Cordes wrote in a statement about the track, continuing:

It’s a song about how strange it can be to negotiate dissolving a relationship — no matter how much the two parties love and respect one another (as was the case in this partnership), there’s still a “break”, still pain and confusion in recognizing that what “is” falls short of what you imagined it could be. It’s also a song about trying to care warmly for a friend,  and trying to see one another through parsing that pain.

Listen below.

01 “Where Did You Go?”
02 “Shameplant”
03 “A Must While So Near”
04 “Fragile”
05 “George”
06 “Birdseye”
07 “Guest In Your Life”
08 “Ringing”
09 “All Days Just End”
10 “Tunneling”
11 “Antechamber”

Ground Aswim is out 10/30. Pre-order it here.

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