Suzie True – “Bailey”

Suzie True – “Bailey”

Los Angeles trio Suzie True released their debut EP, Nothing To You, a couple years ago, and they’ve landed at the great Philly-based label Get Better Records, which is putting out their first full-length album, Saddest Girl At The Party, at the end of November.

Today, they’re sharing a new single called “Bailey,” a gooey track about how the right friendships can change your life. It’s an insistent bit of indie-pop, filled with warm blasts of fuzz and some overlapping harmonies. “Falling in love is just so stupid/ We swore that we’d never do it,” Lexi McCory sings on it. “I swear you’re the only one who gets me/ Everyone else makes me feel like i’m crazy.”

“This song was inspired by my friend Bailey who I met when we were in college working at a crisis center together,” the band wrote on Instagram. “They were my first friend who was openly out, and they inspired me to come out as bi to my friends and family. They still actively inspire me to be creative, kind, and the best version of myself I can be.”

Check it out below.

And here’s the album’s previous single “Toothache”:

01 “Bailey”
02 “Carmen”
03 “Toothache”
04 “Wolfman”
05 “Crushtomer”
06 “Sixteen”
07 “Not Fair”
08 “IDK U”
09 “Run”
10 “Camel Crush”
11 “Lucky”

Saddest Girl At The Party is out 11/27 via Get Better Records. Pre-order it here.

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