Stream Earth Crisis, Dirty Projectors’ Fourth(!) EP Of 2020

Stream Earth Crisis, Dirty Projectors’ Fourth(!) EP Of 2020

Back in 2007 — when they were still an underground treasure and not yet a full-blown indie-rock cause célèbre — Dirty Projectors released Rise Above, a twisted and impressionistic album-length “re-imagining” of Black Flag’s Damaged on fleeting memories from Projectors maestro Dave Longstreth’s childhood. Thirteen years later they’ve gone and named their new EP after Earth Crisis, another legendary hardcore band. It sounds even less like Earth Crisis than Longstreth’s Rise Above sounded like Black Flag.

Earth Crisis is the fourth in a series of five EPs Dirty Projectors are releasing this year, each one with a different band member handling lead vocals. (The fifth and final installment will see them taking turns.) Whereas the previous three releases zeroed in on folk, soul, and bossa nova respectively, this one leans into Longstreth’s experimental composer side, presenting a chopped-up version of chamber-pop. Keyboardist Kristin Slipp is the lead vocalist here, singing lyrics she wrote with Longstreth.

The full EP is streaming below.

Earth Crisis is out now on Domino.

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