Ocean Spray Gifts Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder A Truck Full Of Cranberry Juice

Idaho skateboarder Nathan Apodaca scored one of the most popular viral videos in recent memory when he filmed himself rolling down the road vibing out to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours hit “Dreams” — which, surprisingly, is the group’s only #1 single — while drinking directly from a bottle of Ocean Spray. The clip was a hit with Fleetwood Mac themselves, who tweeted their approval and then generated their own tribute, with Mick Fleetwood re-creating Apodaca’s footage. It’s been a boon for the band too, sending “Dreams” rocketing up the iTunes and Spotify charts.

Now, as TMZ points out, this feel-good story has reached its natural resolution point. A rep from Ocean Spray showed up at Apodaca’s trailer in Idaho today to drop off a truckload of cranberry juice. He gets to keep the truck too. “Thanks for keeping it positive,” the rep told Apodaca.

Check out footage of the giveaway below.

Ocean Spray is also apparently trying to manufacture a #DreamsChallenge, so we can go ahead and call a wrap on this story. It was fun while it lasted!