Jeff Rosenstock – “Old Cold” & “Fox In The Snow” (Belle And Sebastian Cover)

Jeff Rosenstock – “Old Cold” & “Fox In The Snow” (Belle And Sebastian Cover)

Is “Fox In The Snow” one of the most beloved Belle & Sebastian songs? I guess anything off If You’re Feeling Sinister probably deserves that designation by default, but I’m still surprised when the song pops up in new contexts. For instance: In my home base of Columbus, there’s a local chain of utterly delicious bougie breakfast cafes called Fox In The Snow. And now Jeff Rosenstock, not the first musician I’d expect to cover a Stuart Murdoch tune, has released his own version of “Fox In The Snow.”

Rosenstock, a lifelong DIY punk rocker whose music has more in common with a ’90s Warped Tour lineup than the ’90s Matador Records roster, released his transcendent NO DREAM album earlier this year. He recently followed it up with a quartet of new songs with the self-explanatory title 2020 Dump. Turns out the man is still dumping because today he uploaded a new acoustic original called “Old Cold” and the aforementioned “Fox In The Snow” cover, which builds from a gently strummed faithful tribute into a full-fledged rocker in the end. It’s good, folks!

In a note on Bandcamp, Rosenstock reveals that Pup’s Stefan Babcock sings backup on “Fox In The Snow,” and it was initially recorded for a benefit comp supporting undocumented workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear both tracks below.

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