Stream Swedish Hardcore Band Speedway’s Raw And Rowdy Self-Titled EP

New today from the rad Boston punk label Triple B: a self-titled EP from the Swedish hardcore band Speedway. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, the project initially dropped back in June, and now it’s getting a wider platform. Good thing too because this shit rips. It chugs. It blazes. It careens. I daresay my colleague Tom Breihan might offer an endorsement along the lines of “It makes me want to rip a tree trunk out of the soil and bash an ogre’s head in.” I dunno if that’s exactly how he’d put it, but you grasp the sentiment.

In an interview with No Echo back in June, vocalist Anton summed up Speedway’s sound like so: “There’s an ambition within the group to make things sound as big as possible, so words like ‘huge’ and ‘epic’ get thrown around a lot when we’re writing. The music we play obviously springs from Youth Crew and OCHC, but our influences come from a much larger variety of places, both within and outside the realm of hardcore music. Whatever rocks in our ears has a big chance of being implemented in our sound in one way or another.”

Over the course of five raw and rowdy songs, the group makes a strong case for itself. Dig into the EP below.

Speedway is out now on Triple B Records.

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