Stream Former Walkmen Member Paul Maroon’s Debut Solo Release Instrumental Music

Stream Former Walkmen Member Paul Maroon’s Debut Solo Release Instrumental Music

Ever since the Walkmen went on indefinite hiatus seven years ago, each member of the band has stayed busy with new endeavors. Hamilton Leithauser has released a handful of solo albums, as has his cousin Walt Martin. Martin’s solo work has run the gamut from children’s albums to more memoir-oriented material; he’s also teamed up with Matt Berninger on several occasions. Pete Bauer also boasts a couple solo collections, and started managing bands before recently establishing his own label. Matt Barrick has played drums in other esteemed indie acts like Fleet Foxes, while earlier this year he unveiled his new band Muzz with Paul Banks and Josh Kaufman.

Guitarist Paul Maroon has also been around all this time. Most prominently, he’s continued working with Leithauser — they released a collaborative vinyl-only album called Dear God back in 2015. He’s also delved into scoring work, mostly for documentaries and including for 2016’s Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject. Now, he’s back with his own solo outing, and you could see it as an extension of that scoring work more so than his days spent in rock bands.

Maroon’s first official album under his own name is, fittingly enough, called Instrumental Music. It goes to a lot of different places. In just the first few tracks, you have a warped and calmly transfixing little guitar piece, then an unnervingly hypnotic explosion of brass, and then a string quartet. The pattern follows across the album, with Maroon veering from guitar and piano pieces to sample collages to more traditional classical structures. Check it out below.

Instrumental Music is out now.

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