Clearbody – “Quarterback”

Clearbody – “Quarterback”

Clearbody are a young trio out of Charlotte specializing in shoegazey emo that exists in continuum with stated influences like Sunny Day Real Estate and Cloakroom. Earlier this fall they released “Blossom,” the lead single from their debut album One More Day, and today they’re back with another one called “Quarterback.”

This one barrels ahead at a steady clip like Dinosaur Jr. on a joyride, not held back in the slightest by those sludgy power chords. But there’s nothing joyful about the lyrics, which strike a remorseful and repentant note: “And every passing day/ I wonder what happened to you/ I haven’t been a good friend/ And I’m sorry.” Eventually the harmonic noise piles up so high that the whole thing topples over into a beautiful quagmire.

Check out both singles below.

01 “Scratch The Color”
02 “Quarterback”
03 “Blossom”
04 “One More Day”
05 “Ultraclarity”
06 “Too Far Gone”
07 “In Latency”
08 “Suspension”

One More Day is out 12/4 on Smartpunk Records. Pre-order it here.

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