This Futuristic Device Beams Music Into Your Head Without Headphones

This Futuristic Device Beams Music Into Your Head Without Headphones

It may be a dystopia, but we really are living in the future. Just last month a flying car completed a successful test run in Slovakia, and now an Israeli company is debuting a device that can beam audio directly into your head without headphones.

The Associated Press has a new report on the latter product, SoundBeamer 1.0. Developed by Noveto Systems, the product reportedly creates a personal sound bubble that allows you to hear 3D audio while continuing to observe other sounds in the space. According to Noveto, the product’s sensing module locates and tracks your ear position, creating sound pockets in your ears by sending ultrasonic sound waves. You can program the bubble to move with you or stay in one place. The sound is available in stereo or 360-degree spatial 3D mode.

Noveto CEO Christophe Ramstein says it’s difficult to explain the SoundBeaming experience because “the brain doesn’t understand what it doesn’t know.” Project manager Ayana Wallwater told the AP, You don’t believe it because it sounds like a speaker, but no one else can hear it… it’s supporting you and you’re in the middle of everything. It’s happening around you.” Noveto hopes to have SoundBeamer 1.0 on the market before next Christmas.

Check out the AP’s video report about this wild-sounding product below.

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