Stream Kharma’s Unrelentingly Hard New EP Most Dangerous Game

Stream Kharma’s Unrelentingly Hard New EP Most Dangerous Game

The Chicago band Kharma make a heavy, brutal form of hardcore. Sometimes, a same kind of bouncing stomp that recalls classic New York bruisers like Madball. Sometimes, their brutality is more of a metallic ignorant-beatdown variety. Either way, they are one of the most intense and visceral bands on the landscape today, and their new EP proves it.

Kharma have just released the new five-song skullcrusher Most Dangerous Game, which they recorded with Weekend Nachos’ Andy Nelson. The new EP follows the self-released 2018 album Moment Of Violence, and it shows the same kind of righteous chest-thumping rage. Kharma’s songs are about things like police brutality and racism, so you know the band’s fist-swinging overdrive is directed at targets that actually deserve it.

This is the type of thing you want playing if you ever need to walk up to a rhino and punch it in the eye. It’s some shit to make you feel strong. I suggest proceeding straight to the seismic, apocalyptic closing track “Slave 2 Society,” but the whole EP rocks, and you can hear it below.

Most Dangerous Game is out now on Flatspot Records.

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