Biden’s Secretary Of State Pick Is A Rocker

Biden’s Secretary Of State Pick Is A Rocker

Last night, The New York Times reported that President-Elect Joe Biden is expected to name the first member of his cabinet today. Biden has reportedly chosen the 58-year-old career diplomat Antony Blinken as his Secretary Of State. Blinken, Biden’s chief foreign-policy adviser, served as Deputy Secretary Of State under Obama, and the Times reports that he’ll focus on mending frayed alliances and on competition with China and Russia. Also, he’s a rocker.

The 58-year-old Blinken has a Spotify page. In 2018, Blinken released two singles under the name ABlinken. Both of them are the kinds of replacement-level bar-rock that one would expect from a middle-aged hobbyist. Here’s Blinken’s 2018 jam “Lip Service,” which seems to be going for a kind of Hall & Oates thing:

And here’s the softer, more sensitive “Patience,” which might’ve been an effort at Trump-era self-soothing:

Also, Twitter reveals that Blinken is into all the classic rock that you’d expect him to be into.

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