Booji Boys – “Sex Genius”

Booji Boys – “Sex Genius”

Booji Boys, the Halifax punk band named after a Devo character, are one of our greatest current sources of raw, sloppy, messy, ugly punk rock. Last year, the band released their guttural and giddy album Tube Reducer. Right now, the band is at work on a new LP, and they’ve just dropped another frantic new track on the world.

Given that Booji Boys actually have an audience now, you might expect their new songs to get cleaner and more approachable than what’s come before. Nope! “Sex Genius,” the band’s new track, is an extremely lo-fi, weirdly catchy number with lyrics that are utterly incomprehensible. Maybe they’re about being a sex genius. But given that the one line I can pick out is “I hate you,” the song is more likely to be about being mad at someone who’s a sex genius.

“Sex Genius” comes from a new compilation called Seaside Sickness, a 7″ EP that features different punk bands from the East Coast of Canada. It’s also got contributions from Antibodies, Brain Pollution Syndrome, Dark Dial, Fragment, Misanthropic Minds, and Warsh. Check out “Sex Genius” below.

The Seaside Sickness comp is out now on Sewercide Records, and you can buy it here.

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