Stream Roc Marciano’s New Album Mt.Marci

Stream Roc Marciano’s New Album Mt.Marci

The Long Island rapper and producer Roc Marciano more or less invented the meditative, elegantly ignorant style of post-boom-bap music that’s come to dominate a certain corner of the rap underground in recent years. It’s now been more than a decade since Marciano released Marcberg, the solo album that changed the game. Marciano been following his own muse since then. A whole lot of other rappers have followed his example, but nobody does it quite like the man himself, and his new album Mt. Marci is a testament to that.

In recent years, Roc Marci has been releasing music in an intriguing sort of way. For a few weeks, he sells his album downloads for exorbitant prices. Then, once his faithful have paid what he asks, he releases those albums to streaming. Earlier this month, Marci released Mt. Marci, the follow-up to last year’s Marcielago. Up until today, Marciano was charging $40 for those downloads. Today, you streaming-service cheapskates get to hear it.

Mt. Marci is, quite simply, one of the year’s best rap albums. The LP features guests like Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Stove God Cooks, and the legend Kool Keith. (I never really thought about it, but Keith’s style of hard-rock absurdism must be a huge Marciano influence. Keith is just on fire on “Broadway Billy”; it’s the kind of verse that could lead to another career revival.) Marciano produced almost the entire album himself, has his beats are hazy and idiosyncratic and pretty. He also talks some expert shit on the album, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say anything homophobic on this one. Stream Mt. Marci below.

The self-released Mt. Marci is out now, and the CD and vinyl editions are up for pre-order.

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