Glitterer – “Are You Sure?”

Glitterer – “Are You Sure?”

For many years, Ned Russin led the hugely important Kingston, Pennsylvania punk band Title Fight. (Title Fight never officially broke up, but they’ve been on hiatus for a while now.) These days, Russin is based in Washington, DC, and he has a new project, a solo thing called Glitterer. Last year, Russin moved into new musical territories, getting into synths and drum machines on Glitterer’s debut album Looking Through The Shades. Today, Russin announces that he’ll be back earlier next year with Life Is Not A Lesson, his second Glitterer album.

On his last album, Russin had two big producers: Hardcore/metal master Arthur Rizk and indie traveller Alex G, who still had the (Sandy) in his name back then. With Life Is Not A Lesson, Russin has gone a different direction, producing the entire album himself, with some assistance from his twin brother Ben. Today, he’s shared “Are You Sure?,” the album’s brief and triumphant first single.

“Are You Sure?” is about two minutes long, and it’s a big, sticky, fuzzy alt-rock song with a drum-machine beat and a tough-sounding hardcore bassline. Russin belts the grand hook out with a whole lot of conviction. Ben Russin directs the video, filming everything in lo-res as Ned and some friends dress up in monster costumes and run around smashing shit. Below, check out the “Are You Sure?” video and the Life Is Not A Lesson tracklist.

01 “Bodies”
02 “Are You Sure”
03 “Try Harder Still”
04 “Little Backwards Glance”
05 “How A Song Should Go”
06 “The End”
07 “Didn’t Want It”
08 “Indeed”
09 “Birdsong”
10 “I Made The Call”
11 “Fire”
12 “Life Is Not A Lesson”

Life Is Not A Lesson is out 2/26/21 on ANTI-. Pre-order it here.

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