Jazmine Sullivan – “Girl Like Me” (Feat. H.E.R.)

Jazmine Sullivan – “Girl Like Me” (Feat. H.E.R.)

Philly R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan will release her new album Heaux Tales at the end of this week. She’s been rolling it out since last summer, dropping the excellent singles “Lost One” (not “Lost Ones,” though Lauryn Hill certainly looms as an influence) and “Pick Up Your Feelings” and a series of vignettes told from the perspective of various women. Today she’s got one more song to share before the album arrives.

“Girl Like Me,” a duet with the increasingly ubiquitous H.E.R., strikes Sullivan’s signature balance between classic R&B and neo-soul sounds and a stylish modern touch. It’s a minimal acoustic ballad that gives both vocalists plenty of space to show off. “I wrote Heaux Tales to give voice to every woman. We’re deserving of respect whether we work as a CEO of a company or if we’re strippin’. It’s about a woman deciding how she wants to present herself to the world and not being told or influenced by anyone but her gotdamn self.”

Hear “Girl Like Me” and catch up on the prior singles below.

Heaux Tales is out 1/8 on RCA.

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