Citizen – “I Want To Kill You”

Citizen – “I Want To Kill You”

It’s now been more than a decade since the band Citizen got together in Toledo and started playing shows on the hardcore circuit. In that time, Citizen have grown into a tight, ambitious rock band, talking elements from post-hardcore and emo and ’90s alternative. Their melodies are stronger, and their production is bigger. And now they’re about to take another leap with their fourth album. This spring, Citizen will follow up 2017’s As You Please with their new LP Life In Your Glass World.

The band recorded Life In Your Glass World literally at home in Toledo. Frontman Mat Kerekes built a studio in his garage, and that’s where the band made the entire album. In a press release, guitarist Nick Hamm says, “This is the first self-sufficient Citizen record. There was no pressure at all and moving at our own pace allowed the songs to be a little more fleshed out.”

The album’s first single is called “I Want To Kill You.” It’s a sharp, bracing piece of rock craftsmanship. The band plays with a seething ferocity, but they sound big and polished, and they’ve got serious hooks working for them. In the video, a middle-aged man discovers some sort of sweaty euphoria at an inexplicable deep-woods spin class. Check it out below.

01 “Death Dance Approximately”
02 “I Want To Kill You”
03 “Blue Sunday”
04 “Thin Air”
05 “Call Your Bluff”
06 “Pedestal”
07 “Fight Beat”
08 “Black And Red”
09 “Glass World”
10 “Winter Buds”
11 “Edge Of The World”

Life In Your Glass World is out 3/26 on Run For Cover.

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