Bicep – “Sundial”

Bicep – “Sundial”

Bicep, the London-based electronic music duo made up of Belfast-born producers Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson, are releasing their sophomore full-length Isles in a little over week. Wistful single “Apricots” was one of my favorite songs of 2020, and we’ve also heard other early tracks like “Atlas” and “Saku.” Today, they’re sharing “Sundial,” one final single before the album’s impending release. The song features a sample of “Jab Andhera Hota Hai” from the 1973 Bollywood film Raja Rani, recorded by Asha Bhosle and Bhupinder Singh and written by Anand Bakshi and R. D. Burman.

“This is probably one of the simplest tracks on the album, it grew from a faulty Jupiter 6 arp recording,” Bicep explain. “Our trigger isn’t working properly and the arp skips notes randomly. This was a small segment taken from a recording of Andy just playing the arp live whilst we were just trying to figure out what was going wrong. We actually loved what it had produced and wrote some chords around it, guided by the feeling of this recording.”

“In regards to the sampling, Indian music has always fascinated us since the blog days, discovering it was the possible birthplace of Acid house via Charanjit Singh’s Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat,” they add. “Living in East London, Indian influence and music is everywhere and over the past few years we’ve both become huge fans of Bollywood film scores, particularly the female soprano performances. The haunting melancholic epicness really strikes a chord with both of us. We feel we can relate to how similar it is to the Irish folk we grew up around from the likes of the Clannad.” Listen to “Sundial” below.

Here’s the video for “Saku,” while you’re at it:

Isles is out 1/22 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order it here.

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