Middle Kids – “Questions”

Middle Kids – “Questions”

The song is called “Questions,” and it begins like so: “How am I supposed to trust you when you are lying all the time? How am I supposed to know you when you are drunk all the time?” The music builds from handclaps against moody quiet to an almost euphoric sense of propulsion. By the time Hannah Joy is ripping into the chorus a second and third time, the soundtrack has become a raging inferno of distorted guitars and orchestral brass. It’s a hell of a way to introduce an album.

That album, titled Today We’re The Greatest, is the latest from Middle Kids, a Sydney indie rock band who’ve been releasing excellent records without much of a hype storm for several years now. “Questions,” today’s new single, is probably the most attention-grabbing song they’ve ever released, so maybe the fanfare is still forthcoming. If this was new Mitski or St. Vincent or Phoebe Bridgers or what have you, I’m pretty sure you’ll all be losing your minds at how good it is. So good ahead and lose your minds anyway.

Watch W.A.M Bleakley’s “Questions” video below, where you can also find last year’s superb lead single “R U 4 Me?” (It rightfully compels you, “Do not ignore me!”)

01 “Bad Neighbours”
02 “Cellophane (Brain)”
03 “R U 4 Me?”
04 “Questions”
05 “Lost In Los Angeles”
06 “Golden Star”
07 “Summer Hill”
08 “Some People Stay In Our Hearts Forever”
09 “Run With You”
10 “I Don’t Care”
11 “Stacking Chairs”
12 “Today We’re The Greatest”

Today We’re The Greatest is out 3/19 on Domino. Pre-order it here.

Daphne Nguyen

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