Alex Bleeker – “La La La”

Alex Bleeker – “La La La”

Real Estate bassist and songwriter Alex Bleeker is coming back with a new solo album called Heaven On The Faultline. “The album is very much about dealing with the feeling of impending doom,” he explains in a statement. “When is the hammer going to fall? How do we go forward in the face of such anxiety and experience the complexity of life?”

Of course, this is an Alex Bleeker record we’re talking about, so that feeling of impending doom is offset by a healthy dose of easygoing guitar strums and melodies that hit like sunbeams. He’s already shared early tracks “Mashed Potatoes” and “D Plus,” and today he’s sharing “La La La,” another comfortable folk-rock ramble.

“Sometimes the simplest songs are the most difficult to write,” Bleeker reflects. “This song sat around for a year or so before I finally finished all of the lyrics. In the end, it’s about disentangling your creative output from the clutches of capitalist thinking in order to serve you, and your art better. I was going for a classic Everly Brothers kind of feel, and hopefully, I pulled it off!” Listen below.

01 “AB Ripoff”
02 “D Plus”
03 “Felty Feel”
04 “Heaven On The Faultline”
05 “Heavy Tupper”
06 “LaLaLa”
07 “Mashed Potatoes”
08 “Swang”
09 “Parking Lot”
10 “Reach For My Brain”
11 “Tamalpais”
12 “Twang”
13 “Lonesome Call”

Heaven On The Faultline is out 3/5 on Night Bloom.

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