Buggin – “Brainfreeze”

Buggin – “Brainfreeze”

One year ago, the Chicago-based hardcore band Buggin’ Out — named after the Giancarlo Esposito character in Do The Right Thing — released an absolutely kickass self-titled debut EP. In a year full of great hardcore EPs, Buggin’ Out was one of the best. Since then, presumably because of annoying legal reasons, Buggin’ Out have changed their name to just plain Buggin. They’ve also recorded a new track that stomps just as hard as anything on the EP.

On Friday, Buggin will release a new two-song single on their new label Flatspot Records. It’ll have the new song “Brainfreeze,” and it’ll also feature a cover of the Beastie Boys’ classic Check Your Head ripper “Gratitude.” We’ll have to wait a couple of days to hear that “Gratitude” cover, but “Brainfreeze” is an extremely efficient two-minute wrecking ball with a huge groove and a whole lot of energy, and we get to hear that one right now.

“Brainfreeze” sounds like the work of four people in a room together, but it’s not that. Jesus Piece’s Aaron Heard recorded Bryanna Bennett’s fervid, towering vocals in Philadelphia, while Weekend Nachos’ Andy Nelson recorded, mixed, and mastered everything else in Chicago. Can’t argue with results. Listen to “Brainfreeze” below.

“Brainfreeze” b/w “Gratitude” is out 1/29 on Flatspot.

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