Stream Mikau &’redead’s Utterly Ridiculous New Split

Stream Mikau &’redead’s Utterly Ridiculous New Split

Blanket generalization here: Most heavy bands these days tend to be extremely serious. So it’s fun to hear two bands that make screamy, intense music and aren’t afraid to get absolutely stupid with it. Washington, DC’s Mikau and Buffalo’s’redead both make frantic, corrosive screamy hardcore that’s full of video-game synths and big, unashamedly cheesy melodies, and they’ve just come together for a new split.

Infant Island drummer Austin O’Rourke also plays in Mikau, who seem to be named after a guitarist from the Legend Of Zelda games and who cut their frantic metallic basement-mosh music with skittery beats and Auto-Tuned hooks. The band uses “mallcore” to describe their own music, and they released an album called PHANTOMa last year. I missed it at the time, but I really fuck with it now.

As for’redead, they describe themselves as “danceviolence.” They released their first demo last year, and it had a song called “Oh No, I’m Trapped Inside a David Lynch Directed Cologne Commercial.” So that’s where they’re coming from. Their sound mixes cheap bleep-blorp keyboards with frantic screamy Blood Brothers-type stuff. It’s fun!

Talking to Brooklyn Vegan, Mikau guitarist Adam Stergis says that the split happened because For Your Health tweeted that they wanted to see a split between the two bands. It makes sense! These two bands are philosophically aligned! The new split is called razor x blade. It’s got two songs from Mikau and two from’redead. Check it out below.

The razor x blade split is out now on Chillwavve Records, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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