Mahalia – “Jealous” (Feat. Rico Nasty)

Mahalia – “Jealous” (Feat. Rico Nasty)

R&B from the UK always sounds like a little bit different. It’s not an accent thing; it’s a mentality thing. The UK’s R&B tends to be pretty closely linked with its club culture, so there’s just a bit more expectation that songs will anchor themselves around beats, that they’ll be the kind of thing that can get people to dance. That, at least, is what I’m hearing in “Jealous,” the new track from the Leicestershire singer Mahalia.

Mahalia has released a couple of albums, and she’s collaborated with UK rappers like Pa Salieu and Headie One, but she’ mostly been off my radar. That’s about to change. Mahalia’s new single “Jealous” is an excellent piece of work — lithe, breezy, confident. The production — from the team of Daniel Cartisano, Cadenza, and Harry Edwards — is built around a soft flamenco guitar loop and a subtle, expertly programmed dance beat. Mahalia rides that track with effortless grace.

“Jealous” also features Rico Nasty, fresh off the release of her great album Nightmare Vacation. Rico sometimes overwhelms songs, but on this one, she matches the energy, coming in with a singsong verse that complements Mahalia’s melody. Check out song’s slick, extremely ’90s video below.

“Jealous” is out now on Warner Music UK.

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