Earlier this year, the world received the unfathomably sad and shocking news that the great experimental pop producer SOPHIE had died in a climbing accident at the age of 34. Today, a posthumous SOPHIE track has come out. It’s a collaboration with another fearless and experimental producer, the Indiana brain-warper Jlin, and it’s called “JSLOIPNHIE.”

“JSLOIPNHIE” came out today on Intermission, a new compilation released by the Unsound Festival. It also features contributions from artists like Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, and Moor Mother. The compilation was first conceived as part of the virtual version of the Unsound Festival, but the people at Unsound decided to make the compilation its own thing. All the tracks on the album, including “JSLOIPNHIE,” were specifically commissioned by Unsound, and Unsound has dedicated the compilation to SOPHIE’s memory.

“JSLOIPNHIE” is a short instrumental, but you can hear ideas just flying off of it. The track features bits and pieces that recall the individual work of the two artists — SOPHIE’s madly springy hyperpop synth-noises, Jlin’s jittery and disorienting footwork beats — but they merge to become fascinating mass of sound. There’s a great sense of peace at the center of the track, but there are also all these off-kilter rhythmic bits that pull it in all sorts of directions. Check it out below.

And below, you can stream the full Intermission compilation:

Intermission is out now via Unsound.

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