Watch Bad Bunny Punch The Miz In The Face On Monday Night Raw

Watch Bad Bunny Punch The Miz In The Face On Monday Night Raw

Bad Bunny has been a vocal pro wrestling fan ever since he first came to fame a few years ago, and he’s currently acting out a whole lot of childhood dreams and essentially becoming a pro wrestler — a pretty wild thing for a pop star to do when he’s at his career peak. A couple of months ago, Bad Bunny appeared at the Royal Rumble, where he dove from the top rope onto the outside of the ring, taking out the heel tag team of the Miz and John Morrison. Since that big moment, Bad Bunny has continued to make regular Monday Night Raw appearances, extending his feud with the Miz.

At Wrestlemania in a couple of weeks, Bad Bunny will have a one-on-one match with the Miz, the former Real World cast member and WWE Champion. Celebrities have had matches at Wrestlemania before — WWE loves getting whatever mainstream attention it can — but they’ve usually been tag-team matches that don’t demand too much of people who are not actually wrestlers. But Bad Bunny has reportedly been putting in time at WWE’s training center, doing everything he can to pull off the difficult task of a grand-stage singles match. Last night, he got to show off a bit more of what he’s been learning.

On last night’s episode of Raw, Bad Bunny and the wrestler Damien Priest had another confrontation with Miz and Morrison. It culminated with Bunny throwing a punch right at Miz’s face. The stage punch is a less showy wrestling move than the top-rope dive from the Royal Rumble, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off. A lot of wrestlers don’t throw convincing punches. Bunny, who is roughly half the size of the Miz, made his look good. The Miz sold it beautifully. You can watch the whole conflagration go down below.

Bad Bunny and the Miz will lock horns at Wrestlemania 4/10.

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